House of the Red Urt
Isle of Hunjer
Turia, the Jewel of the South
House Silk'n Leather
Ravenstone Manor
House of Slavers, Port Kar
House Karian Rebirth
Meqara Point
Port Kar
Meqara Point Re-Opens
Fort Axeus
The Raging Larl & Savage Tarn Hall
Shaba Lake
House Dark Quill
Scarlet Reins
House of Usher, Ar
Dark Star Mercenary Compound
House Hunters Blade, RiveDeBois
Stone Axe Hall, Stone Inlet Torvaldsland
Koroba (ToTM)
Forte Estates
Genesian Port
City of Laura
Port City of Bazi
Port Seaton
The Tuchuk
City of Ven
Order of Shadow Pirate Island
Glorious City of AR
New Hellenos
Ice Inlet
Village of Torlan
Isle of Katoteros
Port Shilo
Hidden City of Treve
Exchange Island of Teletus
House Crossed Tarns, Treve
Market of Semris
Fehu Isa
City of Rarn
City of KaZ'ahr
Island of Garoaveldi
Avian Isle
City of Fina
The Village of Jula, Dark's Village

The House of the Red Urt of Port Kar
Is currently seeking able body men &
women of the various castes to join its
ranks, and to help the Captain make
this house mean something with in
the city of pirates and thieves.

For more information please look
at the following scrolls.
Thiefs Playground - Four Chains Tavern
Thiefs Playground - Thieves Home
and or contact
Pasha Bodeau

The Isle of Hunjer

Seeks those of all walks of all life
to come to Hunjer.

Castes needed:


You name it I need them.

For More Information
Please Contact:
Kruger McGreggor

Turia the Jewel of the South

Turia captures all the charisma and splendor of Old Gor.
This lifestyle is well within your reach,
travel down to visit the Jewel of the South.

Goreans, do you have the spirit and determination to live
by the old traditions, if your answer is yes than
Turia might be where you want to be.

Have you traveled from place to place only to find out that
the city though beautiful doesnt have a soul,
if your answer is yes than maybe it's time you came to Turia.

Have you felt like a stranger in this new modern Gor,
if your answer is yes we welcome your arrival to our Gates.

The positions below are now open and available immediately in Turia.


*ATTENTION Only Serious Inquires Apply*

Metal/Weapon Smith, Potter, Leather Worker
Poet & Animal Handler (Tharly & Sleens)

All Castes are welcome and encouraged to come to Turia

Contact for the city
Turia | City of Nine Gates
Derek G Orchis - Ubar of Turia

Contact for Merchant inquiries:

Symira Najishrat- En'Merchant of Turia

House Silk'n Leather

Looking for a House of peace and tranquility?
Don't look here.

We are not a House for the faint of heart or the weak minded.
We invite those who would dare to take on the challenges of living in a Slaving House to please join us, to be a part of the plots in a
World of Masters/Mistresses and slaves.

We are actively searching for:
Physician - Guardsmen - Slavers - Slaver Handlers
Kitchen Master/Mistress.
But all are welcomed.

Intrigued yet?
We hope so.
Please contact:
Asia Chardonay -Owner
A Matter of Duality
Asia's personal guard
For an interview.

Ravenstone Manor

Positions Available

1 - Healer
2 - 5 to 10 warriors
3 - Slaves! None personal just slaves for the Manor
4 - Metalsmith
5 - Animal Tamer
6 - Builders
7 - Entertainers
8 - A Ward for Lune (male or female)
9- A Kitchen Master
10-A Slave trainer
11- A leather maker

All who seek employment please contact
Lune Raven
Master of the house Ravenstone Manor

House of Slavers, Port Kar
is now open in Port Kar.

We are looking for
House Swords,
other Slavers.

Anyone who is interested
please contact: Taog Scotach

A place of peace and solitude, catering to the arts and those who seek to take a much needed rest from the rigorous trials brought on by politics and intrigues.
Located just before World's End, Elysium lives up to its name as a paradise that lures the weary soul to its shores with the promise of serenity and calm.

Elysium celebrates the arts, encourages the mind to look upon the true beauty of Gor. Unblemished nature, poets and plays, sculpture and paintings. Art galleries and an amphitheater, unexplored places which are continuously dropping the veils of mystery to reveal their secrets to the seeker. An arena and natural hotsprings, the natives of the isle warm and friendly, welcoming those who seek a home of their own and guests who simply wish to get away from it all.

Seeking a home?
Elysium welcomes all castes to its shores
and is currently looking to fill many positions.

If interested, please contact
Kord Nyteshade or AnjelitaOstem
Passes are currently required for allowance
of entry onto the isle.

House Karian Rebirth
Port Kar

is recruiting able bodied men and women as

House Swords
House Merchants

Port Kar invites you to come experience the
dangerous and exciting cut throat world of
an open port City populated by Pirates, Thieves,
and much much more. This is not a City for the
faint of heart but one that is rich in pride and history.

Please contact:
Vidicus Vask
Nika R Steele

Meqara Point
A beautiful trade port city on the Thassa
is open and recruiting the following castes
though others are certainly under consideration.

Scribes - (City Scribe & Ubars personal Scribe)


Iron/Metal Worker

Dock Master

Bee Keeper

If you are seeking a home with beautiful surroundings
good people and an active community
Apply for a position on the Point!

Contact: Jace Laertes - Ubar

City of Venna

The city is currently seeking:

people of all walks of life
and slaves
and some slavers

Please Contact:
Seig Brakkus
Ahava Razi Relmis
Admiral Brakkus

P O R T    K A R

I did not know if the victory we had won, for victory it surely seemed to be, was decisive or not, but I well knew that the twenty-fifth of Se'Kara, for that was the day on which this battle had been fought, would not be soon forgotten in Port Kar, that city once called squalid and malignant, but which had now found a Home Stone, that city once called the scourge of gleaming Thassa, but which might now be better spoken of, as she had been by some of her citizens aforetimes, as her jewel, the jewel of gleaming Thassa.
(Raiders of Gor, Page 280)

Port Kar, crowded, squalid, malignant, is sometimes referred to as the Tarn of the Sea. Her name is a synonym in Gorean for cruelty and piracy. The fleets of tarn ships of Port Kar are the scourge of Thassa, beautiful, lateen-rigged galleys that ply the trade of plunder and enslavement from the Ta-Thassa Mountains of the southern hemisphere of Gor to the ice lakes of the North; and westward even beyond the terraced island of Cos and the rocky Tyros, with its labyrinths of vart caves.
(Raiders of Gor, Page 6)

"I was in Port Kar." "A den of thieves, a lair of pirates," said the pit master. "It was at the time of the naval engagement between Cos and Tyros and Port Kar," said Terence.
(Witness of Gor, Page 637)

Greed and seflishness I now, for the first time, understood.There is more honesty in Port Kar, I thought, than in all the cities of Gor. Here men scorn to sheath the claws of their heart in the pretenses of their mouth. Here, in this city, alone of all the cities of Gor,men did not stoop to cant and prattle. Here they knew, and would acknowledge, the dark truths of human life ,that, in the end, there was only gold, and power, and the bodies of women, and the steel of weapons. Here they concerned themselves only with themselves. Here they behaved as what they were, cruelly and with ruthlessness, as men, despising, and taking what they might , should it please them to do so.
(Raiders of Gor Page 102)

Pirates, Thieves and Scalawags are welcome !
Also those of all castes are welcome,
to reinforce the Jewel of the Thassa.
Remember, Port Kar is not for everyone.


Scribes for Port Kar
Top wage will be paid.
For Information Contact:
Jewel Bane Ravyn or Nika R Steel

Merchants for Port Kar
Top wage will be paid.
For Information Contact:
Nika R Steel

Swords for House Karian Rebirth
Top wage will be paid.
For Information Contact:
Vidicus Vask

Contacts for Port Kar:
First Chair - Vidicus Vask
Second Chair - Sleen PearsonPK
Third Chair - Marik Darkblade
Fourth Chair - Mantioc of PK
Fifth Chair - Aldus Varian
Sixth Chair - Kelrak Dantura
Seventh Chair - Alcander Carden
Eight Chair - Thad Montrell
City Scribe: Nika R Steel

It is with great pride that Jace Laertes announces
the official opening of the trade port called
Meqara Point.

Merchants, raiders, pirates, travelers, seamen, and al
l are welcomed to come trade, barter, or restock supplies
for long journeys at The Stockpile.

The travel weary, ready for a sleeping couch that doesn't rock,
or those simply seeking a few days of rest and relaxation
in a coastal getaway will enjoy the Celestial Tides Inn
where comfort and needs are first priority.

Those with too much thassan salt in their mouths
or in need of a hot meal, will find The Public House
can meet their needs, complete with sluts,
for that extra service you might be wanting.

Come experience our paradise.

For more information contact:
Jace Laertes or Rashani Saber.

Fort Axeus
located near the base of the Voltai Mountains between Ar and Minus.

Once an outpost for Marlenus's soldiers, the Fort took on a life of it's own when the Empire of the Ubar of Ubars crumbled. Exploration led to the discovery and mining of iron ore, giving the Fort the bulk of it's wealth. Also, a small yet profitable trade in logging has begun to breath more life and coin to the ancient settlement. It is a place where time seems to have stood still, where the old ways and customs are adhered to. Men are men. Women are women. And slaves are truly slaves.

Things to Consider when looking to Fort Axeus:

-Robes of Concealment and veils for all High Caste Free Women are a MUST. This rule applies to women visiting the Fort as well. Climate dictates this manner of dress as does culture.

-The past is the past. Once sworn to the Fort, a citizen's expected to obey the laws, pay their taxes, and taking comfort in knowing they are secure within the walls of the Fort.

-If Laws are betrayed, the offenders will be dealt with harshly.

The Fort is actively seeking men and women of all Caste to fill their walls once more. If interested please seek the council of the Commander,
Trajan Nytwinds
or his scribe,
Onyx Nicodemeus

Jaqarden Renzar
Jarl of Jarls, Torvaldsburg is once again opening the doors of
The Raging Larl & Savage Tarn Hall
and its surrounding lands to new citizens.

En-Positions available in all castes except that of Scribe.
All selected Ens will be expected to recruit for their staff.
Especially seeking:
Merchants including Innkeepers and Shopkeepers
Harbour Master
Axes & Swords
Kajira and Fighting Kajirus
Seamstress or Tailor
Slave Master & Slave Mistress

If interested, Please contact
Jaqarden Renzar or Rumor Lancaster
to set up an interview.

Welcome to Shaba Lake
We are located at the east side of Schendi Jungles
A lovely little hidden city where everybody knows you
The sights include the glassy Lake of Shaba
spawned from the river Ua, centered within tropical jungles.

Ruins of an ancient city found at the mouth of Lake Shaba, the third great equatorial lake of the Schendi area.

We have many exports.
Looking for all castes to come and join us
in our tropical wonderland.

Write to
Circe Callista
En Scribe of Shaba Lake Gor
Of Emerald Villa Shaba


is seeking all caste's to help fill it's streets.
We have all slots open including en and se positions,
as well as all three sword positions are open.

For info and setting up aninterview,
please scroll:
Daryush Addai
Tharna's new Adminstrator


Located on the Thassa, nestled within a large inlet, on the southern border of the Northern Forest is the beautiful walled, port city of Cardonicus.

The Port City of Cardonicus
is currently seeking honorable members of all Castes who are interested in helping the city continue to prosper and grow. We welcome all those who may be seeking a place to which they may choose to swear their loyalty and fealty....a place they will be honored to call their home.

Currently the city is actively seeking:


Positions for all Castes, both High and Low are also available.

If you are looking for a city where Honor and Friendship abide, please contact the City's Administrator or En'Scribe for a 2 hand Guest Pass.

Grendor Draaken
(Grendor of Ar)
Administrator of Cardonicus
Shayna Morghan
En'Scribe of Cardonicus

House Dark Quill
Of Helmutsport
is seeking the following:

(1)Kitchen Master/Mistress
(3)Warriors of the House

If interested contact
Administrator Daleaus Dakenus

Located in the Voltaii Mountains along the Northern Fayeen River is the beautiful city of
Scarlet Reins
Jarren T Masson has come home and welcomes visitors to experience Scarlet Reins. Passes are not needed to enter the city.

The following positions are available.

All types of Merchants
Tarn Keeper
Kaiila Trainer
Tre Scribe
All other types of Artisans
Steel Worker
Kitchen Master/Mistress for the Inn

Please contact
Jaren T Masson
Honora Xanthos
For Information

The House of Usher in Ar
is open and currently seeking to
fill the following positions:


Kitchen Master/Mistress




To Apply, please contact


The Dark Star Mercenary Compound
is once again open.

Mercenaries that are looking for real work contact us. We have need of a couple of good men who are not picky about the work they do and are not afraid to risk their lives for great pay.

If you are interested contact either
Kratos Maligant or Nyght Maligant

Along the Vosk a city called Siba awakens to new heights.
The city is home to citizens of all castes.
A busy port city along the Vosk that holds more then one might expect.
Care for an adventure?

Administrator: Roman Zair Ameri

City Scribe : Season Fortiin

West of Ar's Station on the river I had visited Jort's Ferry, Point Alfred, Jasmine, Siba, Sais, and Sulport. I had stopped also at Hammerfest and Ragnar's Hamlet, the latter actually, now, a good-sized town. Its growth might be contrasted with that of Tetrapoli, much further west on the river. Ragnar?s Hamlet began as a small village and, from this central nucleus, expanded.
Rogue of Gor, page 63

In all, nineteen towns had become members of the League, Turmus, Ven, Tetrapoli, Port Cos, Tafa, Victoria, Fina, Ragnar's Hamlet, Hammerfest, Sulport, Sais, Siba, Jasmine, Point Alfred, Jort's Ferry, Forest Port, Iskander, Tancred's Landing and White Water.
Guardsman of Gor, page 235

On behalf of the city of Siba, we are in need of a physician within the hand for the delivery of a child. There are currently openings within the city for several positions including physician. All individuals are welcome as guests to determine if the city fits their lifestyle. We look forward to whom is able to assist us as our time grows near.

Contact for city information:
Roman Zair Ameri or Season Fortiin

Welcome - Siba

Stone Axe Hall, Stone Inlet, Torvaldsland
is seeking all castes & slaves to fill hall positions
seeking especially
Black Smith
Dock Master


Special Interests - Stone Axe Hall

If interested or for more information please contact
Bojun Athar

We of Verdenne are now seeking to employ:

A seasoned Warrior who eats,
breaths and sleeps the codes
For Se'Sword of Verdenne
Captain of the Tatrix Praetorian Guard
Se Scribe of Verdenne
Se' Builder of Verdenne
A Scribe Teacher for our children
All walks of gorean life, and caste

Shylyei Rodahn Tatrix of Port City Verdenne
Is looking for a slaver that deals in handling exotics training.

All positions require a interview and guest pass
For Contact information

Shylyei Rodahn

Honored Guest and Friends Are welcomed in Peace and harmony at the Verdenne Inn.

The Island of Farnacium
under the leadership of
Tyro Ravyn,
invites you to visit her beautiful shores.
Farnacium is an exchange island and open to all visitors.
Passes are not required.

Farnacium is Looking for the following for the Isle

Habor Master
And any other skillfull people are welcomed

For information contact
Caitlyn Vanair
En' Scribe

Cities & Peoples of Gor Listing

The City of Cylinders
The Towers of The Morning

Our beautiful city has arisen again with pride, strength, and all honor intact after the much publicized internal strife. A new day dawns in our history. Our Administrator and High Council have worked long into the nights to restructure the city government in the ways of old. Once again The Towers of the Morning opens her gates to those seeking a new home steeped in the traditions of our ancestors.

Positions for all Castes are available.

Those positions which are actively being sought at this time are as follows:
Leather Workers
Metal Smiths
Stone Masons
Farmers experienced in crop and field management

Those interested in more information may scroll:
The Ambassador of ToTM, KRB,
Justin M. DiShon
Visit the city and have a look around throughout the
gardens, market place, and residential areas.
Visitors will be expected to uphold the codes and
standards of their individual Castes
and to honor the general Laws of Gor.
Scrolls are available which outline the Laws of the City.

Administrator ~ Trisan DiShon
En'Scribe ~ Nia Shebali
En'Physician ~ DeVane DiShon
En'Warrior ~ Durzkin Luthar

The City of Woodhaven, the beautiful Pearl of the Vosk
is vibrantly growing and seeking new citizens of all castes.
We welcome all within our peaceful walls and free port.

Woodhaven offers both residents and visitors a plethora of opportunities, as well as security and services due to accessibility of the Vosk River. As a river city, mercantile business is prominent in the make up of the city. The ability to make coin is great.

Please Contact:
CIeanth Uriel
Administrator of Woodhaven

Merchants, Artisans, Culinarians, Slavers
please contact:
Raegan Sinclair
EnMerchant of Woodhaven


The City of Esalinius

Come experience the back country, where sounds of a rippling stream in an otherwise silent canyon. The rustle of newly fallen autumn leaves, with the approach of tabuk, wild tarsk, and other game, or the sweet taste of wild berries highlight the moment.

Is now open and looking for a few good men and women looking to have a place to relax drink and enjoy friends.

We mean you !
Swords, Scribes, Lumberjacks, stablehands,
carvers, and cooks.

All Castes Welcome

The City of Esalinius - Home

Vincent C Reid

Fortae Estates
located Eight Passangs North of Ar
is seeking the following:

Men and Women of All Caste

For further information please contact:
Duncan Fortae lI

The City of Schendi
is a cosmopolitan port city nestled amidst the equatorial jungles of Gor, a thriving trade mecca offering the best shopping and the most beautiful white and black sand beaches you will find anywhere. Besides all the comforts of city living, you will find yourself surrounded by our colorful native culture. Schendi is a place where the people are as warm as the climate.

Passes are required to enter the city, and berthing permits are required to dock your ships there.
Contact Marcus Stone X
for the berthing permit and any of the following for a city pass.

Killian Storm

High Council:
Diamond Chair, Lukas Falconaire
Sapphire Chair, AuroraSTx
(Alternate, Storm Ost xvx)
Topaz Chair, India D Hunter
(Alternate, Olaf Thorenston)
Emerald Chair, Marc Dawntreader
(Alternate, Eleni N Sinis)
Ruby Chair, Jase Falconaire
(Alternate, Vacant)

Captains of the Watch:
City Watch, Lukas Falconaire
Harbor Watch, Marcus Stone X
Tarn Watch, Colum L Hunter
Jungle/River Watch, Justin Blood

En'Merchant: Dodger D Cage

City Site: City of Schendi

For information on Schendi,
Contact AuroraST x

City of Lydius
Welcome to the beautiful Port City of Lydius.

Within the high walls that protect and surround this magnificent city, a feast awaits the weary traveler as gentle waves caress the soft pristine sands of the Lydius shores; the beauty of this thriving city awaits you.

Lush beaches give way to cliff dwellings that overlook the beautiful thassa below, panoramic views of the city from the Sea Breeze Inn, nestled atop one of the many cliffs that overlook this beautiful city and thriving harbor. Ships sail into the harbor ahnly as dock crews busy about their duties, guard towers heavily manned and armed surveying in all directions protecting all who be blessed to be within her protected shores.

The sound of laughter and music drift from the thriving market shops as you tour this peaceful city, the warmth and beauty of its structures and harmony of all who dwell here, welcoming all as your gaze surveys the land and cliffs. The towering Lydius Arena, a massive stone structure befitting the Warriors of Lydius, the beautiful Laurius River that winds its way into the awaiting thassa as the Northern Forest whispers its secrets along the way. This magnificent Gorean city, heavily defended by a skilled and massive naval fleet and Warriors who hold Honor & Strength above all!

If you desire a Home Stone of peace and
Warriors of the Brotherhood of Lydius
That stand strong in their ideals and bonds of Honor
then seek your dream in Lydius.
Many positions are available and new ones created
as our city constantly grows.

All Honorable Caste are Welcome!
Honorable Warriors always welcome.

For Guest Pass information:
-Please contact-

Lady Cara DeShea
Ubara of Lydius

Trenton DeShea
Administrator/Ubar of Lydius

Brennus Tormaigh
EnSword/Commander of the City Guards

For additional information please visit the city scrolls.
City of Lydius
Entry Protocol for the Port City of Lydius

The City of Turmus Welcomes You

The last city along the great Vosk river, a city of honor and a member of the Vosk League. Turmus itself rests on the very edge of the vast Vosk Delta region, home of the Rencers. The city is also a merchant port, one of the largest and wealthiest along the Vosk. The city itself is almost a smaller version of Port Kar, yet it lacks in the vast number of canals, although it does have it's fair share and the water ways are much cleaner.

We are looking for Men, Women and slaves to help re-build this beautiful City and to restore it to its former glory.

We are actively seeking those in the following Castes:

Leather Workers
Metal Smiths

If you are looking to be a part of the rebuilding of a City, then please visit us in Turmus.

Demitri Bolade
Deputy Administrator
Talise Storme
City Ambassador/Acting Scribe/Inn Keeper

The City of Genesian Port

Is looking for a Physician
The City is looking for
someone who is able to
step into the position immediately.

Please contact
Axel Crow
Administrator of Genesian Port

The fabulous city of Holmesk
is now recruiting all castes, after reopening it's gates. Holmesk is located between Ar and Ar's Station, south of the Vosk on the Viktel Aria. Lots of positions and Houses available.

For a 2 hand guest pass to the city
contact the Administrator,
Raijin Thorsten

Attention all of Gor

The City of Laura
is now open for all to come and enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

We are seeking to fill openings with people
of all Castes.

If you want a change in your life then come and join us and make this City what it once was.

Those interested please contact:

The Administrator
Ryper Socero
Evangeline Aspen
Scribe to the City.

Now Hiring!!
House Hunters Blade of Rive de Bois

Is looking for:

Metal Smith

All serious inquiries please contact :
Kratos Maligant
Asp Shima

Bazi Beaches!
Bazi Tea!
Bazi Warriors!

Just some of the wonderful reasons to come visit a Thassan city. North of Schendi and south of Genesian Port Come visit our fair city.

Quiet for a time,
there is a new Acting Administrator
Hunter Royce.
He and his lovely companion,
Mikayla Riggs
welcome you to the city with friendliness and warmth.

The city is looking for people of all Castes...
in fact all are welcome !

Please contact:

Hunter Royce
Mikayla Riggs
or Joleana SeVaris

If you are interested in a visit!

A new beginning!
The Port City of Seaton
is a merchant city conveniently located on the Thassan shores. Protected on all sides, by thick forestry, lush cliffs, and the mighty Thassa herself. A thick wall surrounds its back and left side patrolled by posted guards at all times. To the right are huge rocky cliffs towering over the crushing waves below. To the front is the Thassa, where a large and active harbor is maintained for the import and export of fine wares of Gor's many merchants.

Looking for Gorean of all kind to come and join us as we rebuild Port Seaton. Many things have been said about the city and it is now time to change all wrong ways there. Ff your looking for a fun place to relax, Port Seaton is the city for you.

If you like a pass contact me.

Contact :
Angelina Vervier
Se Scribe of Port Seaton

The Tuchuk

There is a new wind blowing across the plains. A new Tuchuk Ubar, with new ideas for building a stronger Tribe. Interested? Intrigued? Doubtful?
If so, then come and see for yourself. Come be a part of the new strength of the Tuchuk.
We are looking for warriors, women and slaves.

Come weave your part of the rich fabric that is beginning to take shape..


Colere de Diable
Cana Aaralyn

City of Ven

"Ven at the junction of the Ta-Thassa Cartius and the Vosk, and Turmus, at the eastern end of the Vosk's great delta, the last town on the river itself."
"Rogue of Gor" page 65

Come see our City, walk along the Vosk

Visit our City as we rebuild, finding new glory once again.

The city is under new Administration

we are seeking to fill openings with people
of all Castes.

Come visit and find the Home Stone,
you have been seeking.

Contact either

Malakai Lachlan
Zahra Antar

Special Interests - Tides Inn Ven

Welcome - Order of Shadow Pirate Island

Tal Goreans,

OSP are now seeking players.
1. We seek Pirates who can effectively handle a ship in battles and raids. We do train. Ships can be supplied if your lacking a fleet.

2. We are seeking "Enemy" from Sailors who can handle ships in battle and raids, Those who can give us a decent fight. Ships can be supplied if your lacking a fleet. Training can be given.

We are seeking fun and adventure. Mun Conflict won't be tolerated on either side of the Gorean coin. No experience is necessary in this idea. For guidelines on how to battle seek this site or any of the Ship Registry guidelines.

No Home Stones will be affected or attacked in any story line. This is for individuals wishing to do something adventurous that they can brag about in the inns.

Contact "Miniwatu Ner"
(( Times and dates for battles can be scheduled for those who keep rather busy.))

The City of Edgington
Come one, come all! Those of you seeking warmth from your Homestone, look no further than the
City of Edgington!
Located on the Plains of Sanchez, approximately 250 pasangs South of the Thassa Cartius River.
Currently, we're seeking able bodies to fill these positions of status:



We are also seeking men and of every Caste
to round out our ever growing City.

Please contact
Tristyn Ryhes, Chimene Ryhes, or Rumor Lancaster
with any questions or concerns.

A New Start A New Beginning.
The Great City of Chiron is Reopening!
Come and Join Us With Fresh Idea's
Watch The City Bloom
Life Is Full of Risks
Come and Take A Risk With Us
As We Embark On Making A Grand City.

Aidan Justice and Jovita Justice

Welcome to Corcyrus

A city of wealth and prosperity,
the city is need of merchants and warriors.

wishes to announce two City changes

Krayton Storm
has turned over the duties of Regent/Administrator
to Hagan Maccabee

In turn
Krayton Storm
will now assume
the duties of En Sword

For more information, please contact.

Krayton Storm, En'Sword
En' Scribe, Tabytha x Von

"The Glorious City of AR"

There will be a caravan from the city going to the Faire in the Sadar. The wagons will leave from the Sun Gate at daybreak on the first day of the hand.
One and all are welcome to join.

All the citizens of AR are called to notice. It is time again to give name to your houses and those with in. The city officials are trying to put together a current roster of those claiming AR as their home. We need your help to do this. There are now Bebo profiles for the city and each caste, if interested in becoming a member. Also, there are plans in the works for a Spring Fling so any one wishing to help or have suggestions to make it one of the best AR has ever hosted, it would be greatly appreciated.

Scroll: Jonathan Lighter

Scroll: Taimh Darken

Scroll: Samantha Freely

Scroll:: Isabeau Saintus
(for Spring Fling suggestions)

(( - Profile from City of Ar ))

For Information
regarding the City
Please Contact:

Administer Jason Caelius
Se'Sword to Duran of Ar

Le Stat De Larl
Se'Swird to Jason Caelius
Commander of the Hellenos Army

Telius Ho Bar
Commander of Tarns

Tisha Caelius
City Physician RGCP

Ice Inlet

"They lifted their axes in their right hands.
It was the salute of torvaldsland.
I heard their cheers."


Ice Inlet

Special Interests - HelmsmanHallTorv

pray you never hear the call:
"The men of Torvaldsland are upon you !", Marauders

Now seeking people who are not afraid of hard work in harsh conditions, who value family and friends, who are dedicated, loyal and bring something of value to the village.

It doesn't hurt if you can hold your meade but not your laughter. It's even better if you have a healthy sense of humor mixed with good common sense.

Damon Galus
Kelian R Thran

Port Seaton | Merchant City on the Thassa

Village of Torlan

It was a perfect spot cradled by the unforgiving fingers of the Vosk Delta and sitting at the mouth of the main river of the Vosk, and the tributary Thassa Cartius River. The smell of rotted vegetation diluted by the incoming breeze off the two rivers that rushed passed in the promise to carry the navy of the Iron Sleen Council anywhere on Gor, no City was out of reach, no Island immuned.

Lysandros Azreal saw the promise of this vacant land, yet he knew that the Delta was a place of trickery, with the shifting of winds, and the rising and lowering of tide, lands came and gone like a mirage in the Tahari, nevermind the challenges of the Rencers. He needed a Man who could mold his dream into a place that brought the promise of stabilizing the lands and fortifying it for the needs of the Iron Sleen Council. He remembered a man of specialized skills, and he reached out to him, Tassein Mechane, yes he would be the man that would bring simplistic dreams to a reality, as such he began to do.

For now it was a village on stilts and pontoons with the support docking at the mouth of the Thassa Cartius River, making it clear it was also part of claimed land, politically at least. The name Torlan. A name no one had yet heard of, a name that was passed off as another village in the middle of no where opting for a place in today's society.
But tomorrow, what would it become then?
Still a village forgotten?
Or would it grow and produce praises on the lips of non believers?
That is a story for another day. For now the first chapter of Torlan had been written in the pages of history.

Any builders who are interested in helping to build the village please send word to;
Tassein Mechane

Any others seeking to pledge their
sword and loyalty to the Iron Sleen Counci
l and the Village of Torlan
please send word to;
Lysandros Azreal

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(Always under construction do to the evolution of the SL)
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Tal and Welcome to One and All,

The Shores of Katoteros Island are open and
we are ready welcome one and all.
No Matter your Caste.
We do have need of specific castes
and do have specific positions open
and in need of Good People to swear to the Island and
Fill those positions.

(New Web site will be finished and up and running soon
check Misos Profile for the link Thanks !)

Katoteros | The Isle of Heavenly Pleasure and Delight

If you would like to come to Visit the Island
and Perhaps Stay . Please contact ,
Misos Kalosis
the Deputy Administrator
Kreon Phrixos

The Port Shilo

Corin Freyr, Ubar

Hiring for the following positions

En's Sword
Se' Sword
Harbor Master
En' Physician
Inn Keeper
Paga Den Keeper
Kitchen Master
Bathhouse Keeper
Kaiila Herdsmen and Trainer

If you are searching for a place the believes in living the ways of Old Gor, then please contact.
Corin Freyr


(Please read the rules on the web page for all new comers of the Port Shilo)

On 3rd day of Third Hand of the Month of En'Kara (1) in the year 10,159 CA
The Ubarship of the great city of Thentis
was passed to
Mikel Balkar
In front of witnesses
Marcus Antoni,
Jewel Bane Ravyn,
the High Council
and the Royal Guard.

Warriors smote their shields,
fists clapped to their chest,
and the Homestone was passed on,
in support of the new Ubar
Mikel Balkar, (RRaMC, Elder)

The City will now rise once again.

This is a city of thieves, of raiders and warriors.
(Witness of Gor, p.335)

Treve was a warlike city somewhere in the trackless magnificence of the Voltai Range. I had never been there but I knew her reputation. Her warriors were said to be fierce and brave, her women proud and beautiful. Her tarnsmen were ranked with those of Thentis, famed for its tarn flocks, and Ko-ro-ba, even great Ar itself.
(Priest-Kings of Gor, p. 60)

Indeed, there was little known even of the city of Treve. It lay somewhere among the lofty, vast terrains of the rugged Voltai, perhaps as much a fortress, a lair, of outlaw tarnsmen as a city. It was said to be accessible only by tarnback. No woman, it was said, could be brought to the city, save as a hooded, stripped slave girl, bound across the saddle of a tarn. Indeed, even merchants and ambassadors were permitted to approach the city only under conduct, and then only when hooded and in bonds, as though none not of Treve might approach her save as slaves or captive supplicants. The location of the city, it was said, was known only to her own. Even girls brought to Treve as slaves, obedient within her harsh walls, looking up, seeing her rushing, swift skies, did not know wherein lay the city in which they served. And even should they be dispatched to the walls, perhaps upon some servile errand, they could see, for looming, remote pasangs about them, only the wild, bleak crags of the scarlet Voltai, and the sickening drop below them, the sheer fall from the walls and the cliffs below to the valley, some pasangs beneath. They would know only that they were slaves in this place but would not know where this place in which they were slaves might be. It was said no woman had ever escaped from Treve.
(Captive of Gor, p. 190-191)

For More Information send a scroll to:

Mykaila Viktel, Ubar of Treve

Melania of Treve

Tal Goreans!

The Exchange Island of Teletus
Would Like To Announce
That the Village is now run by
Cord Tyren

The Exchange Island is now open to all shipments coming from the thassa heading to the inland. With the lanes now open and busy the island is in need of the following - no swearing of the home stone is needed:

Merchants of all cities

Men with ships to help ensure the safety of the shipping lanes
-This can be via contracts with cities, pay negotiable

Men who are willing to be hired to work as police and or simple guards - Gor had them pay is 1 silver for months service, more if you work directly for the HoRS, the administrators house.

Men and Women to help inventory goods for exchange

Someone to run the White Cap Inn Teletus

Slavers with slaves to sell for the island and for an upcoming auction.

Anyone interested please send a scroll to:
Cord Tyren


Helmutsport Scrolls

We are in search of those Interested in Being a Part of a up and Rising City.
Positions Open as Follows:
En' Scribe
Se' Scribe
En' Sword
Se' Sword
En' Merchant
Se' Merchant
En' Builder
Se' Builder
En' Slaver
Se' Slaver
En' Physician
Se' Physician
High Initiate
We are also looking for Citizens to run shops, Inn's, Cafe's, Docks whatever one's heart may desire.

Helmutsport is a open city and thus no pass is required! But a friendly scroll is always welcomed. Please contact the Administrator if you have interest in visiting or any questions.

Contact: DaleausDakenus

House Crossed Tarns, Civitis Treve
is seeking warriors and tarnsmen of Treve who wish to be repatriated to the Home Stone. Benefits include plenty of raiding in target rich environments, assistance with Caste registry, and all the food you can eat.

Alain Lassiter, MelaniaofTreve or SavanaxLassiter
to arrange an interview.

Tetrapoli ~ *Four Cities*

The City of Tetrapoli Scrolls

The Glorious City of Tetrapoli
is in search of People who are looking to help a Great City Grow. Along the Vosk Delta, the City of Tetrapoli is part of the Vosk League, defending the Cities within the League against the River Pirates that troll the Vosk.

We are in search of those Interested in Being a Part of a Glorious Future

Positions Open as Follows:
Se' Scribe
En' Sword
Se' Sword
En' Merchant
Se' Merchant
En' Builder
Se' Builder
En' Slaver
Se' Slaver
En' Physician
Se' Physician

High Initiate

We are also looking for Citizens to run shops, Inn's, Cafe's whatever one's heart may desire.

All are welcome Simply get a Hold of the Administrator or the En' Scribe of the City for a Guest Pass

If Interested please Scroll:
Alondro Korin
Raisa DeBrussy

Market of Semris

A growing trade mecca is looking for some energetic individuals to fill a variety of positions.
We are looking for
Workers of all castes.
Pay comparable with experience.

Please contact
Tiberious Hawkins
(tiberious hawkinz)
Lady Shylyei Rodahn
(shylyei rodahn)
for more information.

Sulport is part of the Vosk League, located far west of Ar's Station on the Vosk River.

"... West of Ar's Station on the river I had visited Jort's Ferry, Point Alfred, Jasmine, Siba, Sais, and Sulport. I had stopped also at Hammerfest and Ragnar's Hamlet, the latter actually, now, a good-sized town. Its growth might be contrasted with that of Tetrapoli,
much further west on the river...."

Rogue of Gor, pages 62-63

We are looking for:

Builders / Shipwrights

Arwyn Hreidar

For More Information Contact:
Arwyn Hreidar

The outpost of
Fehu Isa
is seeking
men of strength and honor
to fill the positions of


Interested parties should contact
the Warden of Tem Reach
Franz Castellan

Lodging and a generous stipend
will be provided for the
right candidate.

The City of Rarn

Is Looking for skilled members of all Castes.

Please Contact:

Kaamil of Rarn
Administrator of Rarn
Owner of the house of Rising Phoenix
Owner of Rarn Inn
Co-Owner of Rarn Paga Den

City of KaZ'ahr

On the 1st day of the Third Hand of the Month of Se'Kara (7) in the year 10,158 CA, I, Darkiarius have reclaimed the Ubarate of KaZ'ahr once more to hold once more on my shoulders. This order will remain in effect until a new administration and new high caste structure can once more be restored. To retake a position I have been in for over twenty-eight En'Var was a heavy decision, but for the prosperity of KaZ'ahr; it will once more be handled. I will once more keep my resolve and guide KaZ'ahr to the path of prosperity once more. Those that have made agreements with the city through the administration will have to contact me or Ana Kaii (AnaKaiiX) in regards to them. This shall go into effect for 30 days, if there is no contact, any alliance, trade alliance of any sort will be considered null and void.

May your Circle of Steel set your limits,

Ubar of KaZ'ahr

The City of Lara
has openings for all Castes:

Swords Guardsmen
Builders Kitchen Master/Mistress
Merchants Gardener
Healers Kaiila Trainers
Slavers Entertainers
Tarnsmen Metal Workers
Harbor Master Artisians
Commander of the Tharlarion Infantry
Commander of the Guardsmen
Commander of the Elite Kaiila Forces
Commander of the Air Defense

Administrator: Jayson Gorgidas PC
EnBuilder and Shipwright
Samantha Braken
SeBuilder and Shipwright

The island of Garoaveldi
is currently searching for registered shipwrights to perform the task of updating its fleet of merchant and tarn ships. Pay shall be based upon experience. Shipwrights need not be citizens of Garoaveldi. Work can be outsourced to ports with the appropriate harbors or done with the resources of Garoaveldi's home resources.

We currently have some three hundred plus ships to refit and register with the SRoG and need this done as quickly as possible.

If interested contact either one
Ragnar Tyrsbjorn
{ A Steel Glove },
Threna Taidar
{ Goran the Sleen }.

Amesm D Havoc, Administrator of Avian Isle, is looking for dedicated individuals to assume posts of authority. Available positions include Deputy Administrator, En'Sword, Se'Sword, Magistrate, En'Scribe, En'Physician, En'Builder, En'Merchant, and En'Slaver, though anyone interested in possible citizenship may request a meeting.

All interested persons may request in writing (e-mail) a meeting with the Administrator.

Contact: Amesm D Havoc

Hochburg has positions open in all Area's
From Tarnsman and scribes to Cooks and stable hands
looking for unique and diverse group of people.

Contact Reid Rainier

The beautiful Vosk River city of Fina, located between Hammerfest and Victoria, welcomes guests to visit. Passes are not necessary as long as the guest is entering the gates during the light ahns. The riverfront marketplace is teeming with goods and services that are unique and hard to find and guests will find the hospitality refreshing.

The City of Fina

Points of Contact:
Administrator: Kendar Agazzi
Deputy Administrator: Deaqon Magnus
En Scribe & Magistrate: Cabe Bracen

Special Interests - Black Ost Inn Fina

The Village of Jula, Dark's Village
Pride of the Vosk

A peaceful Merchant village located on the Vosk Delta
Positions available for all Castes
Visitors welcome
No Guest Passes needed
The Village Gates are opened
at the ring of the 6th ahn bell and close
at the ring of the 19th bell.

For more information contact:
Lady Petricia Dark
En'Scribe, Darks Estate

The Beautiful City of
is looking to hire
Casted TarnsKeepers and a
They must have experience with Tarncots.

If you are interested
Please contact
Shank Roten
Swamp RoTen

The City of Kasra

Let it be known to all citizens of Kasra that
the elections for the City Council will soon be held;
the City Council is open to those of any and all Castes,
from High to Low Caste.
We believe here in Kasra that everyone
should get a say so in how their city is operated.

If you are interested, please submit your name,
in person, to the Central Cylinder, located on
the first avenue on the West side of the Plaza.

Contact: Lorm the Slaver

There are only six slots to fill for the City Council so
make sure that you submit your name early.
{OOC Note: Please send nominations to the SN: lormtheslaver}

The City of Hammerfest
seeks those of all Castes to come
and join the city, all positions available.
Located on the Vosk River and member of the Vosk League.
If you seek a city that is peaceful and tranquil,
then Hammerfest is the place for you to come.
Free and slave alike, all are welcome

Interested parties contact
Marquis DeBIade
Administrator Hammerfest

Island of Scagnar

Nestled in the beautiful realm of the North
Scagnar Island
is a beautiful Island off the Torvald mainland.
Lush with scenery only the north can offer.
Famous for its inhabitants, the Torvaldslanders.
Who are known for their superb sailors and the
rough mannerisms of its denizens.

We are seeking the following:

Warriors who aren't afraid of the Kurii
Healers who specialize in trauma
Merchants who know the value of a coin
Builders who are skilled in ships & buildings

For more Information Contact:
Dracontias - High Jarl of Scagnar Island